Disabled People and Media

September 9, 2016

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I have noticed that there are a significant amount of disabled people on our TV screens than there is normally. I know that it is to do with the Paralympics and I think it's great, but what happens when the Paralympics have finished?


I think there could be more people who have disabilities represented in the media. For example; I have seen shows that have disabled characters in them, but some of those characters are played by able-bodied people. I don't have a real issue with that, but it's when actors are playing someone who is supposedly disabled but when their "carer" turns away to get someone to help transfer the person, the person in the wheelchair miraculously gets out of his chair and walks without any trouble. When the carer comes back, the person quickly jumps back into the wheelchair and pretends that nothing happened. I think this is wrong because you shouldn't imitate a disabled person.


I bet there are lots of disabled people with a verity of disabilities who would love to be in the media, so why not get them to play the part of a disabled character?

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