How to Speak to a Disabled Person

October 10, 2016

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Some people are unsure about how to speak to a disabled people but I don't know why because you should speak to them in the same way as you would any other person, regardless of what their disability is. Yes, you may need to make some exceptions if the person can't communicate as well as another person, like be more patient and listen properly, but other than that, just talk to them normally.


I have found myself in some situations that made me feel stupid because of the way people speak to me. For example; some people speak to me like I'm three years old, I know I look younger than I really am (I don't like it), but I am twenty, you know? I would like to be treated like a twenty year old. I will admit that I'm not as clever as some twenty year olds, but I can understand what people say to me, even without the stupid, high-pitched voice.


One of the worst things that people do is say things like "ah" and "bless", I don't really know the reason why they do this, but it is incredibly irritating because no one should have to put up with that, should they?


I had a nice little conversation earlier with someone who I have seen a few times in a cafe shop, I don't know why everyone can't be like that.


Thanks for reading and until next time, bye.

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