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I am quite open about my disability, please feel free to email me any questions that you have about this blog or my Cerebral Palsy. I will answer them as best as I can.


If you do not have access to an email, you can send me a message on the Facebook page, Brains on Wheels. Or alternately, you can tweet me using @BlogbyAilsa. I do have a personal Twitter account (AilsaSpeak), but I would rather be contacted via Brains on Wheels.

I will answer the messages as quickly as possible, however, depending on how many messages I receive will determine how quickly I can reply.

For information about how I collect and store your data when you contact me, please visit my Privacy and Data page.

If you send any spam messages, I will not answer and you will be blocked and reported.


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Thank you.



Raising Awareness One Roll At A Time

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