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February 17, 2016

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How would you feel if others ignored you?


A lot of people don't talk to me directly but talk to my carer instead. I have a couple of ideas about why they may do this, it is either because they think they may say something wrong, I might not understand what they are saying to me, or that when I reply, they will not understand what I am saying. So rather than taking the time to listen and try to understand me, people just take the easy way out and talk to my carer. Do you know how irritating and rude that can come across as? I do understand the reason why people do this; I think it is partly because they do not have enough experience in this area.

My speech isn't great, but when people rush me, my speech can become worse because I'm trying to speak faster and to put it simply, my tongue muscle can't keep up with my brain. As a result of this, a sentence can roll into one word sometimes. I have to really think about speaking clearer, especially when I don't know the person who is talking to me.


I don't have a huge amount of confidence in talking to new people because I think that some people may not understand me, or they might take the mick out of me and I get nerves because of this. I am trying to push myself to talk different people to build on my confidence because even though I don't like to, I know I will have to talk to people that I don't know more when I'm older.


So please listen to me properly and please let me take my time, if you don't understand me the first time, please don't throw in the towel. Please keep trying, I may say don't worry because I'm frustrated or nervous but please encourage me to repeat myself for you.





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