Look Past the Disability

May 13, 2016

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I think that a lot of people see a person in a wheelchair and think 'look at that poor soul', but the question is: why? I know there are people who are wheelchair bound but you don't need to pity them. Everyone is unique in their own way, everyone has some kind of talent, whether they have found those talents, or they just need a little guidance to find them.


It may take a matter of days to find talents that they have or it might take years for someone to find them, it's different for every individual. It can be something that is huge to everyone, or it can be something that seems so small to you, but to them, it could open lots of doors for them.


This is an example from my personal experience; I used to use a computer that I operated with head switches during my school years. On my computer, there was a program called the Grid, the Grid scanned along the rows and when it got to the row that I needed, I clicked my head switch, and I did the same when I wanted to select a letter. I found that quite difficult and frustrating because I had to time my head movement to click on the right letters. Now I can use a computer with my feet, and I find it much easier.


So what I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and it’s much better to get to know the person before you jump ahead and assume things. If one person changes the way they look at disabilities, then that person may very well change other people’s views too. So why not see beyond the disability?

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