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March 11, 2017

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Who am I? I am much more than a "girl in the chair". I am more than a disabled girl. I am not just a disabled girl. I will not be difined! You look at me and think oh, it's a girl in a wheelchair... Correct, I am in a wheelchair, but I'm not the "girl in the chair". I have a name, and an identity! After all these years, I think I'm just beginning to find my true identity.


I am not my disability, my disability doesn't define me as a person. I am not the girl with the waving arms, nor am I the girl who can't talk properly. I have as much right to be listened to as anyone else does, so why don't you listen? In the end, I feel like giving up.


Don't treat me any differently than what you would others. I understand every word you say. I am my own person with my own likes, dislikes, and I have my own identity. I am Ailsa. I am me.

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