Why I Chose to Stay With Wix for My Blogging Platform

April 19, 2018

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Hi all, as people want to read more content on my blog, I am going to try to write longer posts. Today I would like to talk about trying out new platforms for blogging.


I have tried two blogging platforms since I started blogging, back in 2016. I started off with “Wix” (this platform). I didn’t know very much about blogs and blogging when I first started, so I had simple designs. I can’t really remember how my blog looked at the beginning. When I first started my blog, I didn’t have a name per se; it was just called Ailsa’s Blog… I know, it’s boring!


Over time, my blog became more known, and I added more features, and re-named it to Brains on Wheels. A friend of mine previously used “Wix” for her blog, but then transferred to a site called “WordPress”.  I then tried “WordPress”, I tried “WordPress” for about two months, on and off. The reason I tried “WordPress” was because my friend said that it was better than “Wix” as it was simpler and got more views. Personally, I thought it was much more complicated than “Wix”. Plus, you can’t personalise your site much at all!


On “WordPress”, it is more like the creators have decided how your website will look even before you have created your site. You can choose from a couple of templates, but it doesn’t give you a lot of options to choose from. If “WordPress” does have more options, they aren’t easy to find. On “WordPress”, you can’t easily edit a page on your website.


“Wix” has always been my main platform for my blog and I think it always will be because it has most of the features I want to use. I like the fact that you can use templates and add your own information and images.  You can also customise the templates to make them personal to you and your own style, including fonts, colours, images and changing the header. The page (menu) layout on “Wix” editor is much easier to manage as well.


Though I prefer “Wix” to use as my blogging platform, other people may like different platforms. This post is only my own personal preference, and I am not trying to be derogatory to the other blogging sites. I suppose it all depends on what you want from your blog.


Thank you for reading this post, I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experience with using different blogging platforms. If you like this post, please show me by heading to the top of the page to vote. Maybe you have had experience with a different platform yourself. If you have anything to say about this, please feel free to comment.


Also, what type of content would you like to read on my blog?


Bye for now.

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