Hands or Feet?

May 31, 2018

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Long time - no write! Hello once again, it's been a while since I have written a blog post, hasn't it? For ages, I have been struggling to think of what to write about, but recent events have given me writing inspiration for this blog post.


So, what's new? Back in February, I had a wheelchair assessment to find out whether I could use an electric wheelchair with my foot, and I found it easy, but one thing stood in my way: AFOs (Ankle-foot Orthoses). Why were they an obstacle? I wear fixed AFOs to keep my feet at right angles, my AFOs come from under my feet to just below the back of my knees. With these AFOs, I can't flex my feet at all, so it was difficult to drive the wheelchair with them on. I can't not wear my AFOs because it would impact on my ability to walk. To compensate not wearing fixed AFOs, the OT suggested getting hinged AFOs, which would have enabled me to flex my foot to control the wheelchair, but the physio said no to that. Then I suggested night splints, but I didn't get an answer to that one. So I guess it's back to the drawing board...


Even though I have fairly good control over my feet, I would still proffer to have use of my hands over my feet because there are plenty of things to do with your hands and it's much easier and quicker than having to get things adapted for you to use your feet. I hate to use the word "normal", but that's what society expects! I think that is our main issue here because a lot of people are able to use at least one of their hands, if not both, therefore people don't think about accessibility for those who can't do things the "normal" way.


I wouldn't mind if I just had weakness in my hands because I would be able to use them even if they're weak, but I haven't got the dexterity needed to do most things. Even if I could just use one hand, that would be great! Although I've said all this, and it is frustrating, I still have to make do with what I have. Just think, there are a lot of other people who are worse off than me, so am I really entitled to complain?


Anyway, that's one of my rants out the way (for now)!


Thanks for reading...

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