Why I Opted Not to Take Medication for My Involuntary Movements

August 14, 2018

Written by

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. Today I am going to talk about why I chose not to carry on trying different medications to try and dampen down my involuntary movements. I'm not saying that these types of medication won't benefit other people, but I didn't want to carry on taking medication. Some people may have different opinions on this topic, but these are my own. 


A few years ago I was referred to a Neurologist to try different medications to see if they would help dampen down my involuntary movements. I think I tried about three different types of medications. The first one didn't have any effect. The second one I tried made my movements one hundred times worse than what they are normally, which was horrible. The third medicine that I tried made me feel nauseous, and I felt worse when I ate something, as a result, I didn't want to eat, which was not good at all because I have always had issues with maintaining a good weight as I am always burning calories as a result of my involuntary movements. If I stopped eating, I would lose the weight that I had put on.


When I had Epilepsy, I had lots of drugs to try to stop my seizures, one of the drugs that I had was called Sodium Valproate, also known as Epilim. I was taking this Epilim twice a day from the age of four up until I was sixteen or seventeen (I was taking another drug along side the Epilim, but I'm focusing on the Epilim). I never really ate much as a child, even less than the average child, as a result, I was always underweight. It wasn't until we started to reduce my Epilepsy medication that we noticed that my appetite was increasing. No one actually told us this, but my mum researched this and found out that Epilim is an appetite suppressant. That explained my poor appetite.


I think the main reason why I didn't want to carry on trying different medication to help control my involuntary movements was because I had to take medication for most of my childhood, therefore I didn't want to take any more medication if I had the option. Even now, I think I be against it if I didn't really need it. After all, I have coped with involuntary movements all of my life, so why take medication for them if I am coping? When I first found out about these different medications, I thought that I may as well try. When I had tried three medicines, I thought it was time to stop because it wasn't worth the hassle. I don't think my mum was particularly happy with it either, but she supported me with what I wanted to do, as she has always done. 


Every now and then, I think medication could help sometimes, like when the weather is hot, but I don't think I will try medication of that type again. 


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it... Come back next time.

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