Don't Pat Me on the Head

December 8, 2018

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Do you like your hand? If you want to keep it, may I suggest that you don't pat me on the head? Don't ask me why, but all throughout my life, I have had random people patting me on the head, and it has always annoyed the hell out of me. Maybe it's because I am sat in my wheelchair, and my head is at 'patting height'. Or is it because they think I'm not fully aware of what's going on? Whatever excuse they have, it really hacks me off! You pat dogs on the head, not humans...


On Wednesday, I had an awkward moment when a woman that I have seen around suddenly patted me on the head for no apparent reason! I was so shocked because I never thought that anyone in this profession would even think about doing something like that. I know that I shouldn't have done, but I lost my temper a bit when she did it a second time...  Yes, she patted me on the head twice! The first time she did it, I said something along the lines of 'Please don't do that', When she did it the second time, I raised my voice, but even then, I don't think she took me seriously. 


Here's a few reasons why you shouldn't pat people on the head:

  1. It might make them angry - It made me so angry that I had a rant for about five or ten minutes afterwards.

  2. It could make them confused and upset.

  3. It could make them jump - I am prone to choking on my food due to my poor muscle control. When she patted me on the head, I was in the middle of eating my lunch. When I jumped, I could have swallowed my food without chowing it properly by accident. This could have resulted in a choking episode.

  4. It could have made my arms fly up and I could have hurt them, other people, or myself.

  5. I think this one is fairly obvious, but patting someone on the head is undignified! You don't just go around patting people who you barely know on the head!

I said this to the person next to me: 'What is it with my head?' I think I definitely need a helmet with a blunt spike on top! Then they would soon learn not to pat me on the head. This could be quite amusing. Not because it would hurt them, but because it could be funny to see their face... I don't think they would do it again either, which would be a bonus! 


On a serious note, it is extremely irritating, and I do wish people wouldn't do it. Unfortunately, I think I will have this issue for all of my life. No matter how much people pat me on the head, I think it will still annoy me as much as it has always done. 


Thanks for reading, come back next time.

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