The Blogiversary of My Blog - Three Years

February 14, 2019

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Wow - Can you believe that it's three years since I published my first blog post? Yep, on this very day in 2016, I entered the wonderful world of blogging! These three years have been absolutely amazing in regards to my blog.


I haven't got much to say about this, but I just wanted to tell you all.


To celebrate my third Blogiversary, I'm going to share what I view to be my  best blog posts....


In the top spot, I have 'Dear Cerebral Palsy', which I wrote in December, 2016. In this post I told a lot of truths about what I really felt about my Cerebral Palsy back then. This was also re-published on 'The Mighty'.


In second place, I'm putting the 'Changing Places' blog post next. I wrote this one on the 28 February, 2018. I think that this post is extremely important because lots of disabled people need these toilets to be able to go out and about, without having the worry of needing the loo whilst they're out, and not being able to go due to the lack of practical facilities. 


In third place, is my 'Why Do Prices Go Sky-High When You Add a "Disabled" Label?' one. In this post, I explain how the "specialist" equipment for those with disabilities are much more expensive than products for able-bodied people.


In forth place, there's 'Phones, Phones, Phones - Inaccessibility'. If you read this post, you'll probably be able to tell that I was extremely irritated by the need to have a mobile phone these days. In this blog post, I expressed a great frustration about most things becoming mobile phone based. It annoys me because not everybody is able to use mobile phones. Seriously, what are we meant to do if we are un-able to use a mobile phone? Nobody actually thinks about this because it isn't the "normal". Come on, it's 2019 for goodness sake, I would like to think that something as simple as making the web accessible could be achieved. It really isn't fair.


I think that these are my top four best posts. My earlier ones aren't that good because I didn't have much experience. Basically, I think I started from scratch, but that's okay because it gave me if the ability to improve and grow! Everybody has to start somewhere, right? My blog has been extremely successful, even more successful than I had ever imagined. I am extremely proud out of what I have achieved with Brains on Wheels.


Thanks for reading, come back next time! Over and out. 

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