Don't Tell Me I Can't

April 27, 2019

Written by

Throughout my life I have had people telling me that I can't do things, and I'm sick of it! Yes, I can't do some things, and I admit that, but don't tell me I can't. "You'll mess it up" and "you might make it worse than it already is" are some of the things that people say to me. It really pees me off when they say things like this because most of the time they don't even let me try! 


Some people let me try, but they are always stood over me as if they are waiting for something to go wrong. You wouldn't believe the types of comments I have had to deal with. It is extremely debilitating to be told not to do something just because they think I can't do it. Believe it or not, I am more likely to want to do something if you say that I can't manage it; even if I don't manage to do it the first, second, or third. People saying that I can't do something tends to make me very angry and it makes me even more determined to prove them wrong! Yes, there are times when it can be dangerous for me to do certain things, but most of the time I realise this myself, so I don't need people to tell me.


Some people say "What's the point in doing it? It's never going to change", and that is exactly the kind of attitude that doesn't do anything! Even when people see that I have set up petitions that are clearly important to me, they don't see it as going to work because in their eyes, it's pointless even before they have given it a chance. Again, this is more likely to make me push harder to make it successful! You may think that by running my campaigns, I'm wasting my time and effort, but by telling me that, you are actually wasting your time because there's no way I am giving up THAT easily! 


It annoys the hell out of me when someone tells me I can't do something, especially when they haven't let me try, or when they haven't looked into it themselves! If I have a good go, but later I realise that whatever I am doing won't work or I decide that I can't do it, then fine, I'll hold my hands up and I'll say that you were right, but until then, please just let me try!


Yes, it may not work, but what's the harm in trying? No one likes being told that they can't do things. I especially don't appreciate being told that there's no point in trying! We learn from our mistakes, right? So just let me do my own thing; if it doesn't work, and you were right, then that's ok, and if it does work, then be pleased for me. If you think I'm that person who just gives up when people think I should, think again!


It may take me a while to do it, or it may take me ages to decide that I can't do it, but I should be the one who decides that I can't, not you. Please just don't belittle me by saying I can't. Please, let me try.


Don't listen to other people who say "you can't". There's a can in can't, you just have to find a way to knock the "'t" off to see that you CAN...

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