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September 8, 2019

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I love dogs, but when they get ill, I wish they could tell us what the problem is. Rosie hasn't been well for a while. She's been in and out of veterinary hospital.  I thought that we were going to lose Rosie on Friday, but we haven't! Don't worry, she is ok (she's not going anywhere). She's in hospital at the moment and fingers crossed, she's getting there, but we are struggling. 


Following a 'not good' day on Thursday, 5 September, Rosie was re-admitted to the hospital. They were talking about referring her to a neurological specialist for an MRI, as she was displaying symptoms of a brain disorder of some sort (slow eye pupil response etc).


On Friday, 6 September, they did an Ultrasound Scan and have found nothing wrong with her internals, apart from her spleen is 'thicker' than it should be. They have started her on some heavy-duty anti-biotics and more painkillers, and are rehydrating her as she just doesn't have the strength to eat or drink at the moment.


The good news is that it seems her spinal cord is fine, and her brain is processing, even though it is slow. The test where they put the dog's foot backwards showed that even though she didn't have the strength to move it she was processing it, and knew it was in the wrong place and tried to put it right."


Considering I thought that this was it on Friday morning, I am extremely relieved that things are looking better than they were. It is emotionally draining though! I just wish there was a way that animals could tell us what's wrong instead of us just guessing. 

We will do whatever we can to get her well again, but we need YOUR HELP! Just £1 each will help... If you can't donate, please share.


Click the picture below to read more and help. 

Thank you!

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